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As of January 9th, 2012, an Energy Performance Certificate must be submitted to the
Greek Authorities for each rental agreement and real property purchase agreement
signed after that date. Newly constructed buildings as well as radically renovated
buildings are also subject to the requirement of an Energy Performance Certificate.

The Energy Performance Certificate is intended to record the energy efficiency of the
property (properties are categorized in accordance with their energy efficiency).
Improvements for the reduction of the structure’s energy consumption are
recommended by the Building Energy Inspector in accordance with European Directive
No. 2010/31/EC and Articles 1 through 12 of Greek Law No. 3661/2008.

Houses, apartments, offices and stores are subject to the requirement for an Energy
Performance Certificate. Exemptions from the requirement are allowed in the following

  • Properties with a total surface size of 50 square meters or less,
  • Storage spaces, including  those which are incorporated in a residential  
    property and/or are being rented separately,
  • Buildings utilized for the following purposes: industry (large and cottage
    industries), educational and research laboratories, storage,  vehicle garages
    and gas service stations,
  • Amendments and renewals of existing rental agreements.

Energy Performance Certificates are issued by Energy Inspectors who are certified by
the Greek Ministry of Environment. An on-site inspection of the building/structure is

The cost of obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate varies depending upon the
type and size of the property.

The following fees apply to residential properties:

  • When the entire building is being inspected: 1 Euro per Square Meter inspected
    (minimum fee of 200 Euros)
  • When a section of a building is being inspected (eg. apartment): 2
    Euros/square meter (minimum fee of 150 Euros)
  • When a single family dwelling is being inspected: 2.5 Euros/square meter
    (minimum fee of 200 Euros)
  • The following fees apply to commercial properties:
  • For the inspection of building which is 1,000 square meters or less in size: 2.5
    Euros per Square Meter (minimum fee of 300 Euros)
  • For the inspection of a structure which is greater than 1,000 square meters in
    size: 2.5 Euros for the first 1,000 Square meters and 1.5 Euros for the remaining
    square meters

Feel free to contact us if we can assist you with any aspect of the Energy Performance
Certification. If you require a recommendation for an Energy Inspector, we would be
happy to provide you with contact information for Inspectors who have successfully
handled our clients ’ certifications in the past.

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